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Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets

Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets

I.R. Harris



These papers provide an interesting collection of contributions on fundamental magnetic behaviour, microstructural studies, processing methods and applications of rare earth, iron-rich, high performance permanent magnets. The remarkably versatile nature of the Nd-Fe-B-type alloys with respect to magnet processing is very evident in these proceedings. Thus there are papers which describe the production of magnets by the die-upset-forging of melt-spun ribbon, by cold-compaction of melt-spun-ribbon with soft metals, by mechanical alloying and by hot working of cast material. Work is also reported on the production of new permanent magnets from melt-spun material based on the alloys Nd4Fe78B18 and SmFe11.5Ti1.04. Both these alloys look promising and the former appears to be close to commercial exploitation.