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Colloid and Interface Science V2

Colloid and Interface Science V2

Milton Kerker


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Colloid and Interface Science, Vol. II: Aerosols, Emulsions, and Surfactants presents papers from the International Conference on Colloids and Surfaces held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 21-25, 1976. The book discusses topics on aerosols, emulsions, and surfactants. The text includes papers on the evaluation of the classical theory of nucleation using expansion chamber measurements of the homogeneous nucleation rate of water from the vapor; and the effect of friction-reducing substances on the droplet size distribution from spray nozzles. The rotational relaxation of the Brownian motion; the calculations of unipolar aerosol charging; and the electrochemical measurements in nonionic microemulsions are also encompassed. The book further discusses the structure of microemulsions containing nonionic surfactants; the interactions of surfactants with proteins; and the solubilization of vitamin K and folic acid by micelle-forming surfactants.