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Soil Biology

Soil Biology

A Burgers


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Soil Biology brings together the microbiological, botanical, and zoological aspects of soil biology. Leading specialists provide critical reviews and assessments of their particular branches of soil biology, paying particular attention to functional aspects and biotic interrelationships whenever possible.
This volume is organized into 17 chapters and begins with an overview of the soil system, emphasizing the system components including the mineral fraction, organic matter, soil moisture, and soil atmosphere. The next chapters focus on microorganisms present in the soil, along with their effects on plant roots. The book also discusses the soil algae, including how algae are affected by physical and chemical environments and their interrelations with other organisms. The remaining chapters look at other organisms that inhabit the soil, including Arthropoda, Collembola, and Mollusca, as well as the probable effects of inhibiting substances upon the biology of soil microorganisms. The final chapters explain the decomposition of organic matter in the soil and the effects of synthetic chemicals on soil microorganisms.
This book is a valuable resource for soil biologists and research workers in fields such as botany, agriculture, zoology, and microbiology.