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Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange

F.C. Nachod


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Ion Exchange: Theory and Application focuses on the applications, complexities, and theoretical aspects of ion exchange.
This book discusses the kinetics of fixed-bed ion exchange; fundamental properties of ion exchange resins; ion exchange equipment design; and ion exchange in water treatment. The multistage systems in ion exchange; desalting sea water; applications of ion exchange to the separation of inorganic cations; and ion exchange as a tool in analytical chemistry are also elaborated. This text likewise covers the metal concentration and recovery by ion exchange; catalytic application of ion exchangers; and use of ion exchange adsorbents in biochemical and physiological studies. Other topics include the separation of amino acids by ion exchange chromatography; sugar refining and by-product recovery; and ion exchange recovery of alkaloids.
This publication is a good reference for chemists and students interested in ion exchange.