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Self and Social Change

Self and Social Change

Matthew Adams


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How does social change influence selfhood? What are the fundamental positions in social theories of the self? This accessible and assured book offers readers a new take on the central question of the relation between the individual and society. It offers a thorough, informed and critical guide to the field. It demonstrates how global economic and employment structures, neoliberal discourse, the role of emotion, irrationality and ambiguity are factors that impact upon the shape and resilience of the self. Anyone interested in the question of identity and its relation to cultural, social, economic and political contexts will find this book a Godsend.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Participatory development, An overview
Chapter 2. The World Bank and the Brazilian Amazon, lessons in participation
Chapter 3. Gender, equity, and exclusion in the Western Ghats
Chapter 4. Global benefits, local costs, expulsion from the Kibale Forest
Chapter 5. Accountability mechanisms
Chapter 6. Extending participation and ensuring equity
Chapter 7. Lessons learned -the benchmarks for accountable development
Appendix. NGO's and participation - the benefits of forest protection in Orissa
Selected bibliography